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Christmas Future- Resolutions for 2016

In the third and final part of my Christmas lists- let’s focus on Christmas future as I’m looking forward to 2016

“So – what are your resolutions for 2016?”  A question that many people start asking themselves somewhere between December 26th & December 31st.  What should I resolve to do in 2016?  Do?! I do stuff all the time!  As if I have time in my day to resolve to do one more thing!  As busy as I am, I wonder, where did this resolution thing come from?
According to a posting on the History Channel’s website, “The practice of making resolutions for the new year is thought to have first caught on among the ancient Babylonians, who made promises in order to earn the favor of the gods and start the year off on the right foot. (They would reportedly vow to pay off debts and return borrowed farm equipment.)”

I wanted to make realistic resolutions that I can keep but also ones that have an impact on not just me but others. Here are my top five resolutions for 2016.

5. Read More.  I have about ten books on my ipad that I am dying to read, but I just don’t make the time in my day to do so.  I would like to resolve in 2016 to read one new book a month.  The accountability I’m going to have for this is that I’m going to post the book I’m reading each month on my blog, in the efforts to potentially start a virtual book club with my readers.  More new info on this to come, but for now – let the reading begin!  January’s book, “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler.

4. Purging our home.  For a long time I was pretty good at donating two times a year, when seasonally switching clothes, to charitable organizations or selling my old handbags on Ebay.  Somewhere along the way, between getting married and having my son, I stopped donating old items and stopped selling on Ebay (which is ironic because you usually need MORE money once you have a child).  This year I vow to start purging our household of items we no longer want or need and making sure to sell the good ones on Ebay and to donate items we no longer use (like the old CFD shirts in the basement for the past two years, dear).

3. Bring my lunch – I have fallen (again) in to the trap of the downtown restaurant scene! I have failed to bring my lunch to work more times that I would actually like to admit, probably spending more money on food than necessary.  This year, I’d like to scale back the number of times I go out to lunch to two twice a month (on pay day).  This way I can still schedule meetings and lunch dates with friends during the week, without having to constantly go out to lunch because I’m too lazy to make a sandwich and chop up some veggies at home the night before.

2. Working on the Need vs. Want.  While cartoons show an angel and a devil on the main character’s shoulders while contemplating a task, I have the constant “Need” and “Want” characters on my shoulders.  I really need new work shoes, but I’d really like the tall boots that I’ll only wear a few times.  I would like to continue to work on balancing out my needs and wants to help create good habits in our home for our son.

1. Pay off all my “minor” debts each month.  As we are trying to be more fiscally responsible in our home, we have been working on paying off all our credit card debt each month back down to a zero balance.  While this is not a new philosophy for some, it is for our household.  Minus a trip to Ireland and a new deck on our home, we have been able to pay off our credit cards each month so far and I would like to continue this good habit into 2016.

What are your promises for 2016? And are they realistic and attainable goals which can benefit you now and throughout 2016?




Christmas Present: What December means to Me

Ah December! The last month of the year.  Many people are busy shopping for holiday gifts, decorating their homes, finalizing end-of-the-year reports, baking treats and celebrating with loved ones.  December is so much more than that to me! In the month of December, I’m able to celebrate nearly 10 birthdays of family & friends (including my own) and spend Christmas with two amazing families.

Part two of my Holiday posts is Christmas Present and what December  means to me which is Family and Traditions.

2014 – Mikey with my son on Christmas Day
2011 – Cousins: Jenny & me loving our Pajama Christmas Traditions

Family Fun on Christmas – Each year my Mom hosts the McMahon side of the family at her home for Christmas.  There are so many great memories we’ve had on those holidays like playing LRC with my cousins, listening to the Paddy Noonan Christmas Album, “traveling” well into our 2pm dinner time and watching my cousin spit milk out of his nose at the kids table.  One Christmas, my cousin Micheal’s son Mikey who was about four years old at the time was playing with my mom’s Precious Moments Nativity set.  As much as we told him not to play with it, there he was dancing the little animals around baby Jesus.  A few hours later when he was saying his goodbyes, he walked up to me totally unprompted, reached in his pocket and say, “Sorry – here’s your lamb”.  One of the funniest moments ever!  Clearly he knew that Santa was still watching.

2008 – Howl at the Moon with Cally, me and Gretchen.

Lifetime Friends Gatherings– For a few years in our 20’s my two best friends, our significant others / friends would travel downtown to celebrate Christmas and our birthdays, as Gretchen and I are both in December. We would go singing/dancing at Howl at the Moon and be blinded by the buckets of “punch” with 20 straws or we’d go see The Mighty Blue Kings at the House of Blues for their Christmas show.  For a few years it was our holiday tradition, that was until their lead singer totally embarrassed us one summer at a local festival, but that’s another story.  Now we all have our own families and those get-togethers are rare occasions that I wish we could have more often. I’m pretty sure this is a tradition that we need to bring back!

2011 – Shots around cousin Joey’s bar.

Cousins Christmas– For the past few years, my Mom’s extended family has been getting together to celebrate the holidays.  The parties have rotated between a few homes, the dates have shifted over time, but one thing that remains constant is the love we have for each other.  Too many memories to share but here are a few key words for my cousins:  confetti, box of steaks, dress slip, ass-slapping , ugly sweaters and shots-galore!

1981 – My brother Timmy and me

Childhood Birthdays -I was blessed to have parents who loved to party in March for St. Patrick’s Day and apparently have babies in December! My brother and I are 3 years and 5 days apart with my birthday on the 20th and my brother’s on the 25th.  There has not been a time in my life when we didn’t celebrate our birthdays together, which I really have never minded.  Lots of my family members born in December – me, my brother, my mom, my cousins Christy and Joey, my Auntie Julie, my husband and my sister-in-law’s father.  We love to celebrate the holiday season with birthday cake sometimes in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Just don’t wrap our birthday gifts in Christmas paper, okay?! 🙂

2013-John and me celebrating our news!

Sharing our Joy – Two years ago we were thrilled to share the news with our immediate families that we  were expecting a baby that following summer.  It was a little too early to tell everyone, but we felt safe enough to share our good news with our immediate families during the holidays! We had just decided on the 22nd to share our little secret so I went online to get a shirt.  Well, we literally had to track and race down the UPS delivery truck driver with the “Our Christmas Miracle” shirt an hour before Christmas eve mass.

While this is kind-of a “Christmas Past” post,  my hope is that I am present in all the activities the holiday season has to bring.  Being present creates new memories and continues old traditions.    Like this year when we were able to celebrate in our niece Meaghan’s engagement surprise to her now fiance Alex. What a wonderful new memory for everyone to share. We were so honored to witness such a joyful event for a lovely, young couple.  This is what family and the holiday season is all about!

12342696_10153848760629390_2095777589879404127_n (1)
2015 – Meg & Alex.  She said yes! Photo by:  Colleen Smith

Christmas Past: These are a few of my favorite thing!

I’ve always associated Christmastime with many wonderful nostalgic memories of family, friends and merriment.  And while channeling my inner Charles Dickens, I’ve decided to write three posts this week in honor of Christmas Past, Present and Future.  Today, I pay tribute to Christmas Past.

About a week ago we took Jimmy to see Santa and people asked us, “What is Jimmy going to ask Santa for this year?”  I found this question quite silly as our kid is 16 months old and we’re still working on the basic words like mom, dad and shoe (although he did “ask” Santa for a Fisher-Price Race Set with extra racers).

My memories of Christmas morning included my brother and me waking up to sneak downstairs and see what Santa brought, but we had to wake up our parents first so they could see our faces light up with joy.  After opening our Santa sacks and rummaging through our stockings we’d fall asleep on the floor of the family room surrounded by our gifts.  This past weekend my husband and I were talking about Christmas pasts and remembering some of our favorite Christmas toys from our childhood.  Here are a few of my favorite toys from Christmas past.

The Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen

Like most girls my age, I loved everything Strawberry Shortcake! I remember playing with my little kitchen all the time – especially the little plastic pots and pans with smiley faces on them.  I think I embraced my love for cooking in my early 20’s thanks to the Food Network.  My husband and I cook at home all the time and I hope to share this love of cooking with our son, (we already know he loves going to the grocery store with Daddy and pushing the shopping cart).

 Cabbage Patch Kids

Clearly I have always wanted to be a Mommy and it all started in the early 80’s with the CPK craze! I LOVED my dolls and all their accessories (especially the shoes which, apparently, were realistic: not staying on my dolls, as my son’s never did either until he started walking).  My first Cabbage Patch Kid was a little brown haired girl named Patricia Kris who I loved dearly.  My mom even made her a communion dress that matched mine in the 3rd grade.  Over the course of my childhood, I proceeded to “adopt” about 10 others including a Show Pony, a Koosas, a Preemie, a Cornsilk Kid and an Olympian.  Xavier Roberts would be pleasantly surprised to know that I have not tattooed my name on my son’s butt, but the thought of getting a temporary tattoo and sticking it on his bootie has crossed my mind.  Even now, if I’m in the toy aisle and see Cabbage Patch Kids, I’m still looking for a Colleen Margaret doll to adopt.

Nintendo’s Gameboy

When I was a kid we spent a lot of time in the car traveling while we went camping all over the US.  Before Gameboy my brother and I had individual handheld electronic games like Paperboy, Football and Poker (yes – I played poker as a kid taught by my Grandpa Fashing). Anyways – the year I wanted to ask Santa for a Gameboy, there was a nasty rumor that Santa wasn’t real (I know, right?).  Well that year I was nearly punished without any gifts and told all my wish list items would be donated to the orphanage for kids who still believed in Santa, because if you don’t believe you don’t get anything.  To this day, I still believe in Santa! 🙂

My Dollhouse

One year, Santa brought me a very large flat box with a dollhouse in it from the Sears Wish Book, only to follow up the year after with it fully assembled! I loved my dollhouse.  I would save all my money and buy different furniture for my dollhouse all the time.  My mom would give me scraps of wallpaper for my little house and old dish towel to use as carpeting. One day I hope my little nieces have a little doll house that I can play with and enjoy with them.

There are many more items I could have included like my pink Huffy bike, the original Nintendo that I shared with my brother, and the Care Bears but you get the point.  I hope someday our son will have just as many memories of gifts Santa gave him as his Dad and I have. Hopefully he too will be able to share in the merriment that being a child and parent at Christmastime has brought us.


An Op-Ed: Annoyed With the Media

I shouldn’t have to clarify on my own blog that this is an op-ed piece from the author, but because you never know where this may end up, here is my disclaimer. 

Since journalism was my first career path post-college, I’d like to consider myself an avid supporter of the Chicago media outlets.  Knowing I like to have a well-rounded perspective of the news, I read the newspaper (now online), I listen to talk radio and I watch a few different TV media outlets each day.   Lately I’ve been questioning from where I’m receiving my local news. What I’m starting to get fed up with is the lack of fact-checking and respect for integrity in journalism.  I realize the “old news formats” are competing with the instant gratification outlets of social media like “The Patch.”  There has to be someone accountable for the laziness in today’s reporting!

The current presidential race, which is LOADED with very poorly fact-checked stories and comments, which are then retweeted to encourage the spread of more untruths.  A good example of this was from the day of the Paris ISIS attacks.  A meme started quickly circulating saying that France had closed its boarders, therefore Donald Trump’s isolationist stance on refugees and other immigrants held some validity. Well, actually France continued to let refugees into their country (even on the day of the Paris attacks) and they only closed their boarders to anyone trying to LEAVE France until they were questioned by authorities, but the hot-button words “closed boarders” are so polarizing that certain manipulators (the creators of these types of memes) out there know that they can use those words to get others to share and perpetuate the false information.  So many stories posted in social media are not true, or completely outdated, and many people don’t take the time to pause and think, “Um – let me research this a bit more before I share this information with 1,000+ contacts who can share it with their friends too.”

Integrity is a word that I heard a lot the past few days as it relates to the good, kind, thoughtful, well-thought-out, acts of a person.  The dictionary has defined it as a noun, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness”.  If this is to be true, the Chicago media outlets have shown a lack of integrity beyond words the past 24 hours.  A local TV channel was repeatedly showing a Chicago firefighter being carried to an ambulance on a stretcher by his comrades while CPR is being administered, knowing they were reporting this story after confirmation of the firefighter’s death.  While this looks like a scene straight from a TV show, it’s not.  This is real life!  This is someone’s father, husband, son, uncle, brother and friend.  This footage should not be looped on the local news outlet as part of the story for hours on end.  Why is it that we took the family of a slain law breaker into consideration and cut the video footage just before his death, but we continue to loop the footage of a fallen firefighter who died while doing his job and making the ultimate sacrifice?

We need to demand better reporting in the Chicagoland area and also put the onus on us the reader/viewer to seek out facts in journalism.  We need to take responsibility to not post stories on social media without seeking the source of those articles or the validity of the information.  We are driving ourselves crazy with social media! If you have the time to troll on social media for hours on end, take the VERY limited time that it takes to check your stories before you share them with others.

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Can One Survive Flu Season?

Ah yes- the crisp fall air is fading into the background, giving way to the beautiful, snow-covered trees and, just like that, winter has arrived. As a long-time seasonal allergy sufferer, I cannot wait until the cold weather settles in to allow me a break from my daily Zyrtec. That was until the flu bug graced us with its presence in our home… Ugh!!

The flu bug hit our extended family about two weeks ago like a tornado which left my brother, sister-in-law, niece and dad in its path before it landed on our front porch last week. The first victim was my toddler son who started violently vomiting in his sleep last Monday. Hearing him waking up while getting sick was by far one of the scariest sounds and moments of our lives since he was born. After four days of throwing up, hunger strike, near dehydration, fevers and numerous doctor’s calls and one visit, our son was on the mend (that was until he starting cutting a few molars the very next day, but we’ll save that topic for another post).

As you can imagine, I’ve upped my cleaning game to disinfect everything and anything I can in the house to remove whatever bug was here. Just when I thought we were out of the woods, I came home from work today to a very sick hubby on the couch who is right now giving praise to the “Porcelain God”.  Grrrr! Just when I though it was gone, the damn flu bug strikes again. Once my husband finally got to bed, out came the cleaning products and disfencting started all over again. And to think, my son threw up all over me and I’m the only one still standing!

So we’re upping the vitamin c, increasing our beverage intake, continuing to make homemade chicken soup and washing everything I possibly can to make sure the last solider standing doesn’t fall right before Thanksgiving.

So, does anyone have any tricks for beating the flu bug before it hits you? Or more importantly, once it arrives how to fumigate your home to remove this pest? All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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Be Thankful for the Little Things

While social media posts blow up over the “red cup” controversy or the latest jackass comment from a US presidential candidate, I’ve decided to try to look at the positive things in life and actually count my little blessing this month of what I’m truly thankful for this year. Some of my “blessings” may seem silly to you, but I think we all need a little more silliness and a few more smiles in this world.

10. My iPhone Headest- while this materialistic item may seem mundane to some, when I see my iPhone earbuds it reminds me that I finally have an amazing work/family balance in my life. I’m able to take late night and early morning conference calls from my home, allowing me to make more time for my toddler, when I would have had to spend that time in the office earlier in my career. Being physically present during these tender years of my son’s life mean the world to our little family.

9. Infantino Squeeze Station- When my son started eating solid foods I was thrilled to be able to make his baby food at home. I love cooking and I truly enjoyed being able to make home a home-cooked meal everyday. When he started feeding himself, we easily switched to the graduate organic pouches for him to still feel empowered while feeding himself. Recently I noticed that many of the pouches have 10+ grams of sugar in each, which was extremely shocking to me. I’m so happy I found the Infantino Squeeze Station where I can make my own pouches and control the content of his daily meals.

8. Quiet Car- When I am able to take the train into work I’m extremely blessed to sit in the Metra Quiet Car. Don’t worry – I’m not one of the “shushers” who yells at individuals for talking in the quiet car.  For me, the quiet car is my 30 minutes of me time. This little slice of quiet time allows me to read, catch up on Facbook posts that I’ve saved from months ago, pay bills or make my shopping list.  I know – not total zen/yoga me time, but it’s my time to catch up on all the little things I want to do.

7. Amazon Prime- Being a busy Mom I don’t always have time to run to the store to grab whatever we need.  When this mostly comes into play is when we have a birthday party early on a Saturday morning and I have to work late on a Friday night.  Amazon Prime allows me to order a gift and, within two days, the gift has been delivered to my house and I’m ready to wrap it on Saturday morning just in time for the party.  It feels like my Amazon Prime membership has already paid for itself many times over.  Running low on diapers?  Ordered! Cannot find the only organic snack my son loves?  Ordered! Left my iphone charger in a hotel?  Ordered! It’s been a lifesaver for my family.

6. Kureg- Okay, okay – I know there are lots of nay-sayers regarding the waste or “toxic mold” that lives in this coffee pot, but for me I LOVE my Kureg! My husband and I are coffee drinkers, but only one cup at a time.  If we had a pot of coffee made, we would drink it all day long.  And now that we have a child and watching what we are eating/drinking, having the portion control of one single cup keep us on task.

5. Olay products- When I have long nights and early mornings, my godsends are Olay products.  I have about 3-5 products in my arsenal at all times. My favorites are the cleansing cloths which wash away the day’s make-up and leave my skin feeling soft, clean, fresh and ready for bed.  My daily ritual is citrus scrub in the morning, lotion during the day, and the cleaning cloth at night.

4. Nivea In-Shower Lotion- I absolutely HATE putting on lotion when I get out of the shower.  I hate having to wait for my skin to dry from the lotion before putting on my clothes to get ready for work.  Especially in the summer, I’m beyond too sweaty after getting out the shower to even think about turning my body into a slippery mess! Thank God for this new Nivea In-Shower Lotion.  I love the way my skin feels after using this product, but PLEASE read the instructions – if you don’t, the next person using the shower after you my slip and fall!

Grandma and Papa

3. My Parents- I am very blessed to have both my parents still alive today and to have a close relationship with them.  My husband’s parents passed away even before we met and well before we had kids.  While I’m lucky to still have my parents around in my life, I am extremely lucky that my son is allowed to have two of his grandparents around.  His love and affection for my parents is truly a wonderful experience to watch.


2. My Toddler- I know each person who becomes a parent says that their kid is the best, but mine really is! My son has brought more joy into my life than I could have ever imagined.  My son is cute, mischievous, sweet, caring and the most loving kid in the world! He is a true little boy, rough and tumble, but strong and sweet.  He is the most perfect blend of all the good attributes me and my husband have combined.  We are so lucky to be his parents.

John and I

1. My Husband- this man is my ROCK! His never-ending love and support for me in everything I do is absolutely remarkable. I’m completely spoiled! My husband cooks dinner most nights, takes care of our son when he’s not at the firehouse and really listens to me and supports me in everything I do! I really don’t know where I would be without him in my life! We both had long journeys to find each other, so in the end we are very aware of how lucky we are to be together and we never take that thought for granted.


Celebrate the “Hallmark” Holidays

Today is my favorite “hallmark” holiday of the year: Sweetest Day! “Seriously, Sweetest Day, Col?  That’s not event a real holiday!”  I know, I know – just listen…

Sweetest Day happened to be one of those “hallmark” holidays that many people pooh-pooh because they think it’s just a way for businesses to make money and capitalize on consumers. I have never looked at it that way.  I love to re-market all the “hallmark” holidays and use them as a catalyst to say, thank you for all that you do, I appreciate you and I love you.

I grew up in a very loving household where we said “I love you” on a daily basis.  My parents are teenage sweethearts and have been happily married for over 40 years.  The love my parents have shown each other over the years has been an excellent example to my brother and me.  Even today, when I hang up the phone after speaking with my family, I love you is always communicated.  My Mom always remembers Sweetest Day by giving us a little card or treat like Halloween socks or Swedish Fish. These small gifts don’t break the bank, but let someone know that you care about them.

This loving family culture has been extended to my little growing family. My husband and I say I love you multiple times a day and we share this love with our young, toddler son. He knows how to give hugs and kisses, we say prayers with him each night for his loved ones and he is learning how to show love to his extended family.  My son’s best asset right now is his smile – which can light up any room and help to show everyone the loving household he is growing up in.

The reason I love “hallmark” holidays is because it allows us time to step away from all the negative energy that is glamorized in society and celebrate the little things that make life so wonderful.

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Do the working mom guilties ever go away?

I, as most people in America, do not have a strict nine-to-five schedule.  Some days I work 8am-4pm and other days I’m at work 11am-6pm.  While I love my job and what I do, a year after my son’s birth I still constantly have the “mommy guilt” of working a lot and not being home with my child enough.

Here is a typical day in our home: I arise at 6:00am to start getting ready for work.  What really happens is that I set my alarm for 5:30am in anticipation of “this is the day I’ll blow-dry my hair and look half way presentable at work” and in reality I snooze until 6:00am and find some products to fix my frizzy, untamed mane.  Each morning, while in the shower, I pray that my son stays asleep long enough that I can shave my legs.  Just as I finish getting ready for work, my son usually wakes about 6:45am, which allows me about 15 minutes to see him in the morning and give him a few snuggles before I walk out the door at 7:00am.

After work on a regular day, I walk in the door about 5:30pm to a super cute toddler waiting in the front window and an amazing husband to greet me with a warm embrace and kiss.  Just as Clark Kent hops into the phone booth to emerge as Superman, my work bag hits the kitchen table and I feel like I’m being transformed into “Mommy-mode” which is in full effect from that moment on! Making dinner, cleaning up toys, feeding the little one, bath time and bedtime all by 7:30pm.  Once my son is asleep, I take a few minutes to eat, clean up the kitchen, prep meals for the next day, spend a little catch up time with my husband and then get ready for bed by 9:00pm to start the whole process all over again tomorrow.  Grading papers, reading all the posts I saved on Facebook and catching up on the DVR all will have to wait until another day because those three cups of coffee I’ve had during the day have worn off and this Momma is done.

As a working mommy, I rely heavily on my iPhone and FaceTime to keep me connected to my son while I’m at work. Nothing melts my heart more that seeing his smiling face toddling around the house saying “Momma” or when he’s independently sitting down flipping through his book saying “doggy” or growling like a tiger. While technology and smartphones are a great way to stay connected during the day, sometimes seeing my son upsets him more than if I have never called.  He wants to hug or to play with me when I’m not there and it breaks my heart.  Lucky for me I have my husband and my mom who are there to watch him while I’m at work.

My questions for the more seasoned moms out there in cyberland are these: does it ever get easier?  Do the working mom guilties ever really go away?  Many moms have told me that once they are older you’ll be happy you have a job to go to because you’ll need an escape from your kids, but I don’t feel that way now, and I don’t know if I ever will.  I’m not one of the moms who will call her kid a little, rotten SOB.  Sadly, even while on vacation in Ireland this past summer with my husband, we missed our son so much that all I wanted to do was come home to snuggle him up.

I guess only time will tell when those working mom guilties will fade away – and you can bet I’ll let you know when I reach that milestone in my parenting life.

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So let’s get started!

I’m proud to say I’ve made the first big steps to get my blog, “The 2 Minute Mom,” commercialized; I opened a Facebook page and a Twitter account in the blog’s name. While the bulk of the content will be housed on the blog, utilizing social media will allow me to distribute new posts. Let’s face it, the RSS feeds really never got the traction they deserved.
With it being Crain’s Small Business Week and Women’s Entrepreneurial Month, it seems to be the most logical time to start a new initiative. So I’ve made a point to start talking about my blog for networking opportunities. Through these causal conversations I’ve already had a few good ideas I hope to implement in the coming months, (i.e. Interviews with C-Level Moms).
As I’m making a commitment to myself to start blogging on topics when they come to mind (and not just when I have time to blog), I’d also like to make a commitment to you, the readers. What topics do you want to see where, in two minutes, you can feel a little more informed on a subject you may have been pondering? No topic is off limits…okay, that’s a lie. There are a few things that I won’t be blogging about as I have a really big extended family (who will be a majority of my readership- thank you in advance) and they don’t care to know all the details of my life. When these topics arise it will be up to author’s discretion. I mean, who knows, my dreams of becoming an alderwoman in this city may come true one day and I don’t want to tarnish my “pure” reputation with dirty little secrets. 🙂

About the Author


Today at the 2015 Chicago NAWBO THRIVE conference, I was inspired by the words of our lunch keynote,  Michelle Villalobos Person Brand Strategist, “Brandstormer” and Founder of the Woman’s Success Summit.  Michelle asked the audience all to look inside ourselves to find our inner “Superstar!”

After some very thought-provoking conversations, I’ve decided it’s time to motivate myself to start a blog for busy Moms called The 2-Minute Mom.  Some of my friends are stay-at-home moms while others are working, so I realize, in talking to them, that there are MANY blogs on the internet for Moms, but why should you care about this one?  Well, the title should give you a little clue – it’s for the busy Mom, and we know that many days we only get the 2-minute potty break, or the 2-minute FaceTime during the day with your kids.  In 2-Minutes, I’m hoping to give you quick information to help educate Moms on what’s really happening in the parenting world, the professional world, and your world.  This blog will be short, snipets of posts, resources and tips geared toward the busy mom!

Please take 2-Minutes of your time to read, comment and enjoy!