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Can One Survive Flu Season?

Ah yes- the crisp fall air is fading into the background, giving way to the beautiful, snow-covered trees and, just like that, winter has arrived. As a long-time seasonal allergy sufferer, I cannot wait until the cold weather settles in to allow me a break from my daily Zyrtec. That was until the flu bug graced us with its presence in our home… Ugh!!

The flu bug hit our extended family about two weeks ago like a tornado which left my brother, sister-in-law, niece and dad in its path before it landed on our front porch last week. The first victim was my toddler son who started violently vomiting in his sleep last Monday. Hearing him waking up while getting sick was by far one of the scariest sounds and moments of our lives since he was born. After four days of throwing up, hunger strike, near dehydration, fevers and numerous doctor’s calls and one visit, our son was on the mend (that was until he starting cutting a few molars the very next day, but we’ll save that topic for another post).

As you can imagine, I’ve upped my cleaning game to disinfect everything and anything I can in the house to remove whatever bug was here. Just when I thought we were out of the woods, I came home from work today to a very sick hubby on the couch who is right now giving praise to the “Porcelain God”.  Grrrr! Just when I though it was gone, the damn flu bug strikes again. Once my husband finally got to bed, out came the cleaning products and disfencting started all over again. And to think, my son threw up all over me and I’m the only one still standing!

So we’re upping the vitamin c, increasing our beverage intake, continuing to make homemade chicken soup and washing everything I possibly can to make sure the last solider standing doesn’t fall right before Thanksgiving.

So, does anyone have any tricks for beating the flu bug before it hits you? Or more importantly, once it arrives how to fumigate your home to remove this pest? All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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