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Today at the 2015 Chicago NAWBO THRIVE conference, I was inspired by the words of our lunch keynote,  Michelle Villalobos Person Brand Strategist, “Brandstormer” and Founder of the Woman’s Success Summit.  Michelle asked the audience all to look inside ourselves to find our inner “Superstar!”

After some very thought-provoking conversations, I’ve decided it’s time to motivate myself to start a blog for busy Moms called The 2-Minute Mom.  Some of my friends are stay-at-home moms while others are working, so I realize, in talking to them, that there are MANY blogs on the internet for Moms, but why should you care about this one?  Well, the title should give you a little clue – it’s for the busy Mom, and we know that many days we only get the 2-minute potty break, or the 2-minute FaceTime during the day with your kids.  In 2-Minutes, I’m hoping to give you quick information to help educate Moms on what’s really happening in the parenting world, the professional world, and your world.  This blog will be short, snipets of posts, resources and tips geared toward the busy mom!

Please take 2-Minutes of your time to read, comment and enjoy!

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