Goals 101

So let’s get started!

I’m proud to say I’ve made the first big steps to get my blog, “The 2 Minute Mom,” commercialized; I opened a Facebook page and a Twitter account in the blog’s name. While the bulk of the content will be housed on the blog, utilizing social media will allow me to distribute new posts. Let’s face it, the RSS feeds really never got the traction they deserved.
With it being Crain’s Small Business Week and Women’s Entrepreneurial Month, it seems to be the most logical time to start a new initiative. So I’ve made a point to start talking about my blog for networking opportunities. Through these causal conversations I’ve already had a few good ideas I hope to implement in the coming months, (i.e. Interviews with C-Level Moms).
As I’m making a commitment to myself to start blogging on topics when they come to mind (and not just when I have time to blog), I’d also like to make a commitment to you, the readers. What topics do you want to see where, in two minutes, you can feel a little more informed on a subject you may have been pondering? No topic is off limits…okay, that’s a lie. There are a few things that I won’t be blogging about as I have a really big extended family (who will be a majority of my readership- thank you in advance) and they don’t care to know all the details of my life. When these topics arise it will be up to author’s discretion. I mean, who knows, my dreams of becoming an alderwoman in this city may come true one day and I don’t want to tarnish my “pure” reputation with dirty little secrets. 🙂

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