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Colleen…Why so Quiet?

Hello Readers:

To be honest, my brain has been a little overloaded these past few weeks.  It’s not that I don’t have topics and stories I would love to write about and share, it’s just that I haven’t found the time to write what I want to say…until now!

The past few months have been crazy and have flown by all at the same time – I cannot even process that August is upon us.  With that being said, here is what I have been up to:

Moving: Yes – we packed up for our first home and moved about a mile away to a larger home in the same neighborhood.  With another little boy due in early November, I wanted to make sure that I had a backyard and plenty of space for my two little boys to run around and play. Plus, as many of you can relate to, I wanted to make sure that I was able to get my little toddler all settled into the new house before we starting setting up a new baby nursery for Baby Reaney.

Planning Jimmy’s 2nd Birthday Party: Okay, really that’s a long shot as to something which is totally take up all my time.  I’m not really that Pinteresty Mommy who’s going to make everything themed for a birthday party (God bless those parents that do – I envy your creativity).  I’m just trying to make sure the house is all settled with furniture in place, boxes tucked away in closets and pictures up on the bare walls before we have guests over.  The basics for the party that I’m working on include invitations, decorations (store bought), a simple BBQ menu and Jimmy’s birthday gifts.

Entering my 3rd Trimester with Baby #2: So as you may have read, my body doesn’t process pregnancy and the hormones that come along with pregnancy very well.  So I’m happy to report that at 26 weeks the daily puking has subsided and, while the heartburn is constant, I’m managing it the best I can via Tums and Zantac.  What’s starting to be a little challenging is that I feel like I’m already running out of room in my belly and I have about three more months to go.  I’m trying to stay hydrated, rested (haha – yeah right, with pregnancy insomnia greeting me from 2-4am every night) and lots of lotion to allow my skin to stretch as much as it can.  Any third trimester survival advice from fellow moms is always welcome and encouraged!

Work/Life Balance: Isn’t this is ultimate time-suck for every mom?  Thoughts that keep me up at night while I’m not sleeping anyways: Am I making enough time for my son to learn his ABC’s and colors?  Am I making enough 1-on-1 time for my husband and me to talk about things other than our toddler and the new house?  Am I balancing my two roles for my job equally while making sure I’m satisfying the needs and requests from all parties I work for and with? Did I build any “me” time into the work week?  (Does going to Target on the weekend count as “me” time?)  All these things I ponder on a daily basis – but when I hear my toddler yell out “oooooo” in the middle of Target when he sees the letter O, I know I must be keeping all the balls in the air this week!

With all that on my plate, you can imaging that I’ve been a little pre-occupied.  Thank God for the Notes section in my Iphone.  I have a few great topics that I’m looking to share with all of you in the next few month:

  • CEO Mommy in Aug. from a local toy store owner
  • A product review on ABCMouse.com
  • Local Store Review on Little Beans Cafe
  • Promotion of a company called The Mom Project

While I’m slowly working on more original content for the blog, please make sure you’re checking out my Facebook page where I’ve been reposting articles I know other parents can relate to.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement!

Happy Reading! Love: Colleen




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