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2MM Review: Chicken Zucchini Poppers

As many busy people can relate to, I really appreciate Facebook’s recent addition of the “save” feature which allows me to bookmark posts I’d like to save and read at a later time.  While I don’t know when this function started, I know some people still don’t know it’s there as I still see posts like, “posting this to save for later.”  The save feature allows me the opportunity save stories that I really want to read when I have two minutes to myself, like riding the train or in between my set wake-up time of 5:30am and my actual roll-out-of-bed time of 6:00AM.

Recently, with the turn of the new year, and my new year’s resolutions to eat smarter, I’ve been seeing a lot of healthy recipes posted on Facebook that I want to try, and the save feature has allowed me to find these much more easily when I want to use them.  On weekend days, when my husband is at the firehouse, I tend to stay home with my son (pajama day), clean the house, do laundry and try new recipes.  For last Sunday’s dinner I tried a recipe that my friend Chrissy posted on Facebook called Chicken Zucchini Poppers from  I thought this would be a great dinner for me and my toddler because it seems to be an easy, healthy dish that was finger food friendly. Also, when there is an award show on, who really wants to be chained to their stove?  Instead, I want to be chained to the TV watching E!.

I prepared the dish almost exactly as described, although I did omit the cilantro, as I didn’t think my toddler would like the taste.  Prep time was about 15 minutes, which was plenty of time to heat up the pan.  One note: when I was shredding the zucchini I noticed that it was creating a lot of liquid – more than necessary for the dish – so I drained it out.  Next time I would shred the zucchini on  paper towel making it easy to ring out to drain the excess liquid before adding the zucchini to the chicken mixture.


Once the poppers were cooled, I cut them up for my toddler’s dinner with a side of strawberries.  He loved them!  Anytime I can sneak veggies into his food, (especially ones he’s never tried before), I chalk that up as a big win for this mommy.

Review:  While this dish was easy to prep and my toddler loved it, I would say that the dish was lacking in flavor, which may have been caused by omitting the cilantro.  Next time I would add a little lemon juice and fresh dill to the chicken mixture for the poppers and make a cool Greek yogurt lemon-dill dipping sauce.


Two-Minute Mom rating – Four out of Five Bottles. Overall, very toddler friendly, not quite flavorful for the adult palette, but short prep time and easy to make.  Great for a quick weeknight dish!

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